Path to Homeownership


Get ready for a

Building your new home is an exciting and rewarding endeavor, especially when you are well informed and have a good understanding of the construction process. W&W created the Path to Homeownership showing steps along  the path to follow as we walk together through this exciting time. 



Narrow down your search

Path 1 -  To get started with your purchase of a W&W Home is determining your budget and obtaining a pre-qualification from W&W’s preferred lender team to receive assistance towards closing costs

Path 2 -  Select your location or neighborhood, plan and homesite that fits your needs. After determining ask your realtor or our listing realtor to schedule a Builder’s Consult for questions.

If you do not have the time to build W&W tries to satisfy the needs of peoples moving schedule with our innovative features in W&W’s move in ready homes

Path 3 - Obtain Mortgage Pre- Approval through the Preferred Mortgage Partners

W&W Partners with Essential Mortgage and High Crest Home Lending in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Plan Selection and Contract Signing-

Path 4 -Meet with your realtor or our listing realtor for information you need to finalize your decision. W&W provides a detailed premium upgrade sheet for those that want more personalizing in your home.

Let’s sign the contract and make it official! 

Complete Mortgage Application

Path 5 - Your chosen preferred lender will continue to guide you through the process

 Let’s sign the contract and make it official! 

My Style Studio Selection Day-

Path 6 -  W&W’s management team will meet you at the Design Studio on your selection day! It’s time to put names and faces together of our team as we move through the construction process together. I will personally walk you through your plan identifying details from your purchase agreement and any personalizing you chose. The superintendent and our homeowner service coordinator will share their process on the path and answer your questions. 

Now, it’s time to focus on colors and textures with the Design Crew. The designer will walk you through a vast array of design selections allowing you to reflect your style.  Enjoy and have fun!

Pre-Construction and Permitting

Path 7 -Your home is tailored by hand and our focus is on the essentials of the process which makes the difference in home building. Our admin management team is now ready to finalize the plans to reflect change from the Design Studio appointment.  Plans will be re-submitted to the draftsman and submitted to the parish for building permit. When the superintendent receives the permit the admin team and the superintendent will go through the details of the construction drawings together before construction begins.

Construction Begins

Path 8 Congratulations, It’s about to Get Real!

Path 9 The first visional site of construction is today!

Onsite Visit

Path 10 - This is your first onsite meeting with the superintendent at your home! The mechanical rough in stage has begun and W&W would like to walk you through the interior and exterior of your home before sheetrock is hung. The superintendent will address any personalization you chose at the Design Studio, the details in your contract, and review the electrical locations for cable and TV wiring. This site visit is the opportunity to discuss any questions on your home.

By-Weekly Progress Reports Begin-

Path 11 - W&W’s listing realtor will begin bi-weekly updates to your realtor on the construction progress on your home and will continue until closing.

Complete Mechanicals, Insulate, Drywall, Cabinets and Interior Trim-

Path 12 - This stage of construction the superintendent is scheduling many trades. You will really start to see your home come together as these trades install interior doors, crown molding, cabinets and to prepare for the next steps on the path.

Onsite Visit-

Path 13 - It’s all coming together! This visit with the superintendent to be scheduled through the realtors after the first coat of paint is applied. Be prepared to spend at least an hour on site to walk your home room by room to mark blemishes you see in the sheetrock. We refer to this visit as the sheetrock walk through to address and repair constructions dings prior to final paint on the interior walls and trim. This step will allow the superintendent to identify the blemishes when meeting with the sheetrock finisher. If you are interested, in extending the rear porch by adding a concrete patio this is the time to do so. The superintendent will discuss your needs, layout the size of the extension with you for pricing. 

Interiors Finishes, Exterior Finishes, Driveway and Landscaping

Path 14 - Moving forward with exterior and interior completion, grading of lot, forming of driveway and extension of patios to take place. Now you are on the Home Stretch! Utilities Connected

Path 15 - This is a very important stage as W&W is preparing for the next step in the Path to Homeownership. The parish will release the final inspection to the proper electric company for scheduling the permanent meter to be installed

Prepare for closing

Path 16 - When the power meter is installed W&W will prepare your home for the final 4 steps on the Path to Homeownership before your special day! Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC mechanicals systems and appliances are complete and in working order for certificate of occupancy. If you have chosen to hire a 3rd party inspector W&W ask that your realtor contact the listing realtor for scheduling the appointment. 

Construction Complete

Path 17 - You are Close to the Day of your closing! Third Party Hired Inspector Process

Path 18 - If you have chosen to hire an inspector this is the step your inspector will visit the home. The lender and realtors together have planned and scheduled your inspector. Upon W&W receiving the hired inspection report our response will be forwarded immediately to prepare for the original walk through with the superintendent.

Path 19 - Homeowner Manual 

Upon the completion of your home, but prior to walk through and closing, you will be invited by homeowner service coordinator, to go over your Homeowner Manual on your new home. This will be a scheduled appointment to meet our team member at Willie and Willie’s office.

Path 20 - Original Walk through Process

After your new home has had the mechanical starts up and our quality inspection W&W representative will schedule your walk through on your new home. This is an important meeting where we demonstrate the many products and features of your new home. Being that your home is still empty, this is an opportune time to review the workmanship as it relates to the applicable construction standards. Willie and Willie will document your requests on our walk through form and those items will be addressed immediately.

Path 21 - Final Walk through Process

This meeting will take place after the walk through meeting but closer to, or on your closing date. A W&W representative will address the items from your walk through form for completion and approval at this time.


Congratulations! We hope your new home provides you years of enjoyment and a peaceful retreat from the rest of the world.  Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

From our home to yours it was our pleasure to serve you!

Homeowner Service

90-day Courtesy Warranty Service

Now that you have met your homeowner service coordinator and received your manual Willie and Willie extends this 90-day service to you.

One Year Warranty Service

Available upon request on warrantable items